Why did California Cryobank create the Sibling Registry?

California Cryobank is committed to helping our clients build families. We created this free registry in response to requests for assistance in identifying and contacting potential siblings.

What is included on the Sibling Registry?

The registry is organized by donor number and includes a list of donor conceived individuals and a Bulletin Board where families can exchange messages. Some members may also include their contact information. Members only have access to the Sibling Listings and Bulletin Board for their donor. Participation in the Sibling Registry is optional, which means that it may not be a complete list.

Who is eligible to join the Sibling Registry?

Clients who reported a pregnancy from a California Cryobank donor and donor conceived individuals who are at least 18 years old may join our Sibling Registry. Donors may not participate in our registry. In addition to California Cryobank donors, we also have some client and donor files from USC/PTI (Procreative Technologies) which we acquired in 1997. If you have any questions about USC/PTI donors, please contact us.

Will my personal information automatically display to other families when I register for an account?

No, the information on the registration form is for us to verify and is not posted on the registry. Once you gain access to the registry, you can simply view information that others in your Donor Sibling Group have shared. You are not required to share your personal information; however, the registry experience improves for everyone when more families post sibling listings. Here’s more info about confidentiality.

If I had an account on the old Sibling Registry, should I create a new account?

No, if you had an account on our previous Sibling Registry website, please log in with your username and password from the old site. You will be prompted to update your information, and you may need to create a new password before your account is migrated to the new site. If you’ve forgotten your username and password, you can reset your password by entering your email address. If you don’t have access to the email address that you originally used to sign up for the Sibling Registry, please contact us for account login assistance.

We encourage you to use the same account you used on our old site to prevent an inflated number of families within your Donor Sibling Group. You can always update your username and information after you log in to the new site.

What if I can’t reset my password because I don’t remember the email address I used to sign up for the Sibling Registry or my email address is no longer valid?

Please contact us for Sibling Registry login assistance. Please don’t try to create a second account because it will cause further issues.

Can I receive email notifications to alert me of activity on the Sibling Registry?

Yes, our new registry allows you to opt in to receive email notifications for when new members join your Donor Sibling Group, when a new sibling listing is added, and when a member replies to a Bulletin Board message. You can set these preferences when you log in and go to My Account.

Why are some Bulletin Board messages missing from my Donor Sibling Group?

Bulletin Board messages from our old Sibling Registry will not appear on our new site until the member who posted them signs into the new Sibling Registry and migrates their account. Further, California Cryobank always reserves the right to delete messages that do not comply with our Terms of Use.