Contact Information

Communicating with donor sibling families can be an exciting experience! Our Sibling Registry is set up in a way where you can set the pace of this journey. Some parents join our registry as soon as they become pregnant; Others may wait until their child is older and begins to show interest in learning about their donor siblings. It’s a good idea to start slowly as you begin to form these new relationships and think about any boundaries you’d like to set. It’s important to keep in mind that other families may have different views or expectations when it comes to donor sibling families.

Contacting Participants

To encourage contact yet preserve privacy, when you sign up for our Sibling Registry, none of your information is visible to members of your Donor Sibling Group (DSG). When you post a Sibling Listing, you can decide if you would like the following information to display:

  • First Name
  • E-mail Address
  • State and Country

It is up to Sibling Registry participants to decide if they’d like to share additional information. Our Bulletin Board is available for general conversations, but should not be used to exchange personal information. To maintain privacy, if you do want to share your contact information to communicate outside of the Sibling Registry, you may want to create an anonymous email through Gmail instead of using your personal email address. Participants are responsible for updating their contact information and other information, as needed. Some participants also share information about Facebook groups they’ve created for their donor. Please keep in mind that California Cryobank® is not responsible for these types of social media groups.


To maintain privacy, participants will have access to only the potential sibling information for their donor(s). Only California Cryobank clients and donor conceived adults who participate in the registry (and selected CCB admin staff) will have access to the Sibling Registry. To protect confidentiality, we will not disclose information to anyone other than the client or ordering physician. Clients who ordered through their physician may need to contact their physician for additional information so we can confirm the vial order for that donor. Donor conceived individuals over age 18 must have information supplied by their parents, as we are not able to provide information to anyone other than the owner of the account. For more information about our privacy practices, please view our Privacy Policy.

Sharing Registry Content

Out of respect for registry participants’ privacy, we ask that all registry participants must agree to our Sibling Registry Terms of Use. Postings and Bulletin Board information should NOT be shared with anyone other than fellow Sibling Registry participants and their immediate family. This includes refraining from posting private Sibling Registry information publicly on social media. Participants who are found to have inappropriately shared information will lose the privilege of participating in the registry.