Why We Started A Sibling Registry

We have created this California Cryobank (CCB) Sibling Registry for you - in response to your requests for assistance in identifying and contacting potential siblings. At California Cryobank, we are committed to helping our clients build families. We know that you may be interested in contacting potential siblings and wanted to provide a method for you to do so.

Participation in the CCB Sibling Registry is completely optional. Please be aware that this sibling registry is not a complete list of siblings, but rather a list of those clients and their children who are interested in extending their “family circle”. We will get you started with a list of potential matches – it is your job to do the research, contact the client and confirm the actual match.

Our Sibling Registry includes:

  • Sibling births posted by selected CCB Clients
  • A client profile with e-mail address to contact the client
  • A bulletin board where clients and offspring can exchange messages

The Sibling Registry is organized by donor number. Clients have access only to the potential sibling postings for their particular donor. We hope that this registry is helpful to you. Please feel free to call our Client Relations department at 310-443-5244 ext. 1240 if you have questions or need assistance.

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