Who Can Participate

Clients who have had a child using a CCB donor (and their adult children over age 18) may participate in the CCB Sibling Registry. Client participation in the CCB  Sibling Registry is optional. Donors may not participate in the Sibling Registry. Clients will need to have basic information and documentation in order to participate in the registry. Parents are responsible for supervising their child’s use of the internet and this site.


In order to participate in the Sibling Registry, clients and adult children must provide the following information:

  1. Donor number
  2. Parent Name / Account Number
  3. Child's birth date

Please contact CCB staff with any questions.

Levels of Participation
Clients will have the following options for participation in the Sibling Registry. Each client may decide the extent to which they wish to participate. All clients participating in the registry (at any level) must register for a user name and password. Clients may:

  • View postings
  • Post a listing on the sibling registry
  • Post or respond to messages on the Bulletin Board
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