Step-By-Step Guide (continued)

Visit the Sibling Registry and enter your name and password

You will then see the page for your donor.

At this point you may:

  • View the donor description and Sibling Listings
  • Add your child to the Sibling Listings
  • View Client Profiles for others who have listed siblings
    (click on the name under "Posted By")
  • Post a message on the Bulletin Board
  • Purchase donor information
  • Edit your account or add a profile message
  • Change your Password
  • Contact CCB

To add your child to the Sibling Listings:

Click on "Add your Child to the Sibling Listings" and fill out the Register a Birth page. Your new listing will appear.


If you have additional questions about the Sibling Registry, please click here or contact us at 310-443-5244 ext 1153.

  You may contact potential siblings via e-mail (outside of the Sibling Registry).

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