How to Register

Clients and eligible offspring interested in participating in the CCB Sibling Registry will register on-line to participate. Our staff will verify your client status and purchase of donor vials and e-mail your registration confirmation within 2-3 working days of submission. There is no annual subscription fee to participate in the CCB Sibling Registry. Research costs, if needed, may apply.

Please be aware that if your physician ordered your vials, you may need to provide documents from your physician to verify client status. Also, if you do not have all elements of your registration information, additional research may need to be done to verify client status and/or purchase of donor vials. This research may require search of paper files, at additional time and / or cost.

Verification of Client Status and Pregnancies
Please be aware that postings on the Sibling Registry are of potential siblings. The CCB Sibling Registry is intended as a starting point. We strongly recommend that you take additional steps to verify sibling status, beyond the listing on the CCB Sibling Donor Registry. Clients are responsible for conducting additional research to verify sibling status.

California Cryobank is able to confirm client status (for clients who placed orders directly with us) and shipment of vials. Since inseminations are done at your physician’s office, we cannot confirm the actual use of the specimen and / or resulting pregnancy. Clients may have selected and used more than one donor over the course of time.

Clients also may have opted to place orders through their physician. These clients do not have their own CCB account number. In this case CCB is only able to verify the physician’s account number and the approximate date of vial purchase since, for privacy purposes, individual client records are not passed by the physician to CCB.

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