Frequently Asked Questions (continued)

7. Does the CCB Sibling Registry contain all potential siblings?
Client participation in the CCB Sibling Registry is voluntary. Thus the sibling registry will include listings from just those clients / adult children who choose to participate, and not from all potential siblings.

8. Can you verify sibling status?
The CCB Sibling Registry provides “potential” sibling matches. It is up to you to verify the potential match. We recommend you speak with your inseminating physician regarding ways to verify sibling status.

Please be aware that some clients placed vial orders through their physician, thus we can only verify physician account number and date of purchase. Since inseminations are done at the physician’s office, we cannot confirm actual use of the specimen and/or resulting pregnancy. Also, clients may have selected and used more than one donor over the course of time.

9. If I participate in the Sibling Registry, am I required to post a listing?
Participants in the CCB Sibling Registry are not required to post a listing. The level of participation is decided by the client. Sibling Registry participants may:

  • View postings
  • Post a Sibling Listing
  • Post or respond to Bulletin Board message


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