Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a Sibling Registry?
A Sibling Registry is a voluntary program where clients can “register” the birth of their children and then contact potential siblings. Many clients who have had children using a California Cryobank (CCB) donor are curious about potential siblings and may be interested in contacting other families.

2. Why did California Cryobank create a Sibling Registry?
California Cryobank has created a Sibling Registry at the request of our clients. Clients asked for a way to contact potential siblings and we are providing a method for clients to do so. We help our clients build families and wanted to provide a way for clients to extend theirs.

3. How is California Cryobank’s Sibling Registry different from other sibling registries?
California Cryobank’s Sibling Registry is exclusively for CCB clients. Our sibling registry was created by our sperm bank. We are one of only a few sperm banks who offer a Sibling Registry.

4. Who can participate in the Sibling Registry?
Clients who have had a child using a CCB donor (and their adult children over age 18) may participate in the CCB Sibling Registry. Client participation in the Sibling Registry is optional. Clients will need to have basic information and documentation in order to participate in the Sibling Registry. Donors may not participate in the registry.

5. What is the cost to participate in the Sibling Registry?
There is no annual subscription fee to participate in the Sibling Registry.

6. Can clients see information for all donors?
To protect confidentiality, only CCB clients (who had a child using a donor) and their adult children may view the Sibling Registry page for that donor.


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