Contact Information
To maintain privacy, California Cryobank strongly recommends that registry participants use a free anonymous e-mail box for their participation in the Sibling Registry. These can be obtained in numerous places, including Hotmail, Yahoo and Lycos.

Contacting Participants
To encourage contact yet preserve privacy, California Cryobank will post only the following basic information for each individual who submits a sibling listing:

  • First Name & Last Name Initial (e.g. John P.)
  • E-mail Address (optional)
  • State
  • Country
  • Status (parent or adult child)

It is up to sibling registry participants whether (and what type of) additional information is shared. California Cryobank encourages that exchange of personal information with potential siblings be made off of the web-site. Our Bulletin Board is available for general conversations but should not be used to exchange personal information. Clients are responsible for updating their contact and other information, as needed.

To maintain privacy, clients will have access to only the potential sibling information for their donor(s). Only CCB clients and adult children who participate in the registry (and selected CCB staff) will have access to the CCB Sibling Registry. To protect confidentiality, we will not disclose information to anyone other than the client or ordering physician. Clients who ordered through their physician may need to contact their physician for additional information. Adult children over age 18 must have information supplied by their parents, as we are not able to provide information to any one other than the owner of the account.

Sharing Registry Content
In respect for registry participant’s privacy, we ask that all registry participants must agree to our Sibling Registry Terms of Use. Postings and bulletin board information should not be shared with anyone other than fellow Sibling Registry participants and their immediate family. Clients who are found to have inappropriately shared information will lose the privilege of participating in the registry.


California Cryobank values your Privacy

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