Bulletin Board

The Sibling Registry Bulletin Board is a place for clients and adult children to post messages for other participants in the Sibling Registry.  The bulletin Board is organized by donor number.

Please be aware that posted messages can be read by all participants using a particular donor. Given this, you may prefer to communicate one-on-one via a personal e-mail to others posting on the registry.

Bulletin Board Message Content
Message content on the bulletin board is limited to the exchange of information between sibling registry participants. The Sibling Registry and Bulletin Board are not to be used for other purposes (for example the sale and/ or purchase of extra donor vials or messages to a CCB donor). Messages will be frequently reviewed by CCB staff.

Messages that are inconsistent with the spirit of the message board may be removed from the board. If a participant continues to post such messages he/she may be discontinued as a registry participant.

To protect client confidentiality and allow for staff review, there is a 24 to 72 hour delay on the posting of messages and responses on the Bulletin Board.  Click here to log in and see the Bulletin Board page for your donor.


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